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The Floating Piers – Entertainments in Sulzano – Flyer

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Download the Flyer by Proloco Sulzano to be updated on all the activities related to:

– The Floating Piers

– Musical entertainments

– photo exhibit

– refreshment area (very close to The Floating Piers)


You can get a map with all the details and locations of:

– Info Point (located in via Dante Alighieri, 2 – Primary school)

– Points of Interest in Sulzano

– Path of the panoramic train



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From June 18th to July 3rd                                                        Press release – Pdf    Pdf_by_mimooh.svg



The integrated transport system to reach the Christo’s work of art from Iseo

The Municipality of Iseo, in collaboration with the Municipality of Brescia and Brescia Mobilità Group has created an integrated transportation system that can meet the different needs of visitors by offering the ability to use multiple solutions: about 1,500 new parking spaces at Iseo complemented by a shuttle service from Iseo to Sulzano, from Brescia to Sulzano and a tourist train at Sulzano.

8 new parking lots will be available at Iseo for a total of about 1,500 parking spaces, which will be open 24/24 from June 18th to July 3rd.
At the car park it will also be possible to buy tickets for the shuttle from Iseo to Sulzano that will pass right through the car park and will arrive at the pick up/ drop off point in Sulzano’s square.

Iseo and Sulzano will be connected for 16 days by an active system of shuttles 24 hours a day: the bus will run a round-trip service between the two municipalities for access both day and night to ensure access to the Christo’s work from Iseo.

For easy access to The Floating Piers users will also be able to use the shuttle service that connects Brescia and Sulzano with an immediate return to Iseo: every day from 9.00 to 19.00, leaving every hour, from Largo Torrelunga in Brescia heading towards Iseo, coinciding with the dedicated shuttle that will also take visitors to Sulzano.

Brescia Mobilità Group offers organised groups a personalised transport service using Gran Turismo buses with the possibility to structure the service based on the customers’ needs. For information about the service and any particular requests: – Tel. +39 030 3061018

Organised groups who want to spend a day in total relaxation by visiting The Floating Piers but also the wonderful area that houses the floating bridge system will be offered the chance to buy all-inclusive packages that will allow access to: the exhibition “Christo and Jeanne – Claude Water Projects “, the Museum of Santa Giulia, the bus trip from Brescia to the surrounding areas, Sulzano for visiting the Floating Piers and a lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants in Franciacorta with local dishes.

For further information, download the press release Moving to The Floating Piers.


tel. 030 3061200

WhatsApp 342 6566207



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Lake Iseo…I LOVE IT! This is an art territory to be discovered and enjoyed.

This official guide offers information and recommendations for exploring the lake, the art, the exhibitions and the hospitality of Lake Iseo and the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo.

Inside, visitors will find useful information, maps, transport maps, contact numbers and a QR code to help them reach and experience the territory that hosts The Floating Piers project at its best.

For more information download the booklet

 Boolet in  Pdf  Pdf_by_mimooh.svg

Books Art Christo and Jeanne-Claude. The Floating Piers, Vs. 1

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The book “Books Art Christo and Jeanne – Claude. The Floating Piers, Vs. 1” is now on sale.

The official book of the masterpiece of the Bulgarian artist, who has re-designed the shape of Iseo Lake is available at the Tourist Office of Sulzano. Ninety-six pages full of descriptions and unpublished pictures, bound in a must-have volume of high-quality graphic in double language, Italian and English, at the cost of 20,00 Euro.

For further information please contact the phone number +39 030 985088

“This book gathers sketches, models, photographs, documents, and designs to reveal the complete process behind this waterborne work of art. Incorporating everything from approval procedures to the manufacture of fabric and anchoring elements, it testifies not only to Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s unique creative imagination but also to the immense technical, bureaucratic, and logistical feats that allowed the concept to take float.”



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The uniqueness of the project “Floating Piers” created by the artist Christo and that will change the view  of the Iseo Lake is characterised by the following:

  • Open from 18th June to 3rd July 2016 Open 24 hours with night illumination
  • FREE entry 3km long and 16mt wide with an 8mt central pedestrian walkway which can be accessed from both ends of the pier.
  • Covering the root from Sulzano to Monteisola, following the coast of the island from Peschiera to Sensole where split into two routes, will reach the private San Paolo island.


The Pier structure, which moves following the rhythm of the waves, offers a unique experience and sensation of “walking on water” and it is therefore recommended the use of comfortable footwear.

The route, which will lead the pier, will begin in two main assembly squares where a yellow carpet has been rolled along the streets of the historic centre for the “ lido di Sulzano”  to the end of  “via Cadorna”.

The Pier is also suitable for wheelchair users and children prams.

A 600 strong team will ensure safety and protection of all visitors with electronic monitoring of the Pier structure and guarding the flow of people 24 hours a day.


The organisers reserve the right to close access to the pier in case of high wind or bad weather which could endanger the safety of the visitors.

The Pier can be reached from Sulzano or alternatively from Peschiera or Sensole in Montisola.

These are the mooring points of the “Navigazione Lago d’Iseo” ferries. The ferry service will be enhanced during the event to enable visitor to reach the Pier from a greater number of locations (Sarnico, Iseo, Pisogne and Lovere).

The ferry service will also continue on the route between Sulzano/Sale Marasino and the island.

To assist with the flow of local traffic, the visitors can reach Sulzano only via train or by shuttle bus. No parking is available for tourists.

Sulzano in ZTL: traffic in Sulzano centre will be limited.

Entry to resident only will be strictly monitored by the local police via the three main access points:

  • exit from Strada Provinciale 510;
  • cross road lido with (via Martiri della Libertà);
  • ex NK – rail crossing barrier.

The Sulzano residents, those working in Sulzano, second home owners and those renting properties in Sulzano will be able to transit in ZTL only with the RED PASS.

The pass supplied by the Local Police is available through application to be made to the town hall from 15th May 2016.

For safety reasons motorbikes and bicycles are not allowed.

A parking area for these is available at the exit of  SP510.

A shuttle bus will be available to all the Sulzano residents, this can also be available under specific request.

Large busses will not transit through Sulzano, there will only be the shuttle busses    arriving from  the remote car parks.

The area of  Piazza Italia ( Piazzale Stazione) will be reserved for emergency vehicles only of Police and Medical assistance.

Refreshment facilities : an increased number of refreshment points will be organised at the Lido, Terrace Station (very close to the “Floating Piers”), Oratory, “Palafitte” quarter and other areas of touristic interest..

Hygiene and public amenities: an increased level of  facilities has been planned to provide adequate service in compliance with the rules and regulations. The related costs are to be charged to The Floating Piers company.

All up to date information can be obtained from the main official site – area ”The Floating Piers”.

Information on the “Floating Pier” art project is available on the official site of the artist Christo and Jeanne- Claude.

For any additional information view  ProLoco di Sulzano

For rail information view

For ferry service information view .

(source: Comune di Sulzano)